Both non-operative and operative modalities of treatment are offered for all conditions affecting the spine. Non-operative management for conditions affecting the spine include pain management and manual therapy including physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment, acupuncture and osteopathy. These professionals work closely with Mr Harding to facilitate patient care.

Injections are often performed for diagnostic purposes, although may have some therapeutic benefit. Depending on the injection, it may be performed by a radiologist, a pain physician or by Mr Harding himself.

Surgery is only indicated in the minority of people presenting for the first time as a first line of treatment. In most  people non-operative measures should be tried in the first instance and then surgery to be considered if these do not help to the extent required. Because of the huge variety of conditions and treatment options available, these  are specifically available on information sheets by clicking on the links above. Of course, nothing can be completely individualised and these are only general guidelines that apply to most patients, but not all. 

Some patients come specifically for surgery, non-operative modalities having failed. For others a diagnosis and a treatment plan may be all that is required and then reassurance can be given and appropriate treatment organised.